The Factory has been a great blessing to our church. We acquired the Factory in 2002 to cater for its growing congregations. At that time, using the budget available, the Factory was made ready to hold church services and house our church offices. It is now time to make further improvements to the Factory and give it a necessary facelift after 17 years of constant use. While there are many possible improvements that are not included in this project, it has the potential to make big improvements to the Factory as a venue for Christian fellowship and outreach in a cost-effective way. 

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Proposed Factory Floor plan

Proposed Factory Floor plan

Project Aims

  • Open up the building to be more welcoming 

  • Use space better to naturally fit more people 

  • Improve look and feel both outside and inside

  • Improve spaces for informal fellowship

  • Improve accessibility and safety

  • Refurbish auditorium

  • Refurbish bathrooms

Proposed Factory additions

Proposed Factory additions

Project description

The most obvious feature of this project is that it will move the main entrance to the Factory to face the street. The new, wide entrance will open into an expansive foyer with kitchenette that will be a natural space for informal fellowship before and after church and during the week. The foyer will open broadly into the auditorium. 

The crèche will be moved to the Eastern side of the building (part of the existing foyer) where there will also be a breakout space for groups. 

The bathrooms will remain in their existing location, but a new accessible bathroom will be added and the female toilets will be expanded. 

The auditorium will be refurbished. The sound desk and storeroom will be moved, and the ceiling will be replaced, hopefully followed by carpet and seating. The option also exists to reorient the auditorium by 90 degrees. 

The Northern end of the building (kitchen, Sunday Kids rooms and Youth room) will be largely untouched in this project. 

The projected cost for this upgrade is $500,000.

Perspective drawings

Perspective drawings